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Radiant Barrier

Why Your Attic controls your budget:
In Texas, attics accumulate heat during our long and severe summers. Radiant energy from sunlight turns your roof into a hot surface. In turn, this heat is transferred to your attic, ducts and attic floor. And so on through your house. You turn up your a/c, and up go your bills.

Unless that heat is stopped at its source. Radiant barriers are the newest way to stop heat from entering or leaving your home. Several high-tech solutions are available to today’s homeowners. Which is right for you?

Radiant barrier options:
The sun’s heat can blocked through foil board, foam panels or spray. Each has its pros and cons, including relative ability to reflect heat, cost, and ease of installation. We specialize in two different options. Each product we carry offers a flexible, affordable option where the homeowner is looking for a quick, budget friendly application that covers completely and begins to block radiant heat immediately.

Why select Radiant Barrier Spray?
Radiant barrier paint was developed by the US military to hide vehicles from heat seeking missiles. Like a liquid foil, it deflects up to 80% of heat from either leaving or entering a space. This can keep your attic up to 30% cooler.

Application is done by spraying one coat of this specialty product to the underside of your roof. It takes only a few hours, and goes on evenly without gaps or holes. Radiant barrier sprays will last up to 25 years similar to a high quality latex paint.

So if you are looking for an affordable, minimally disruptive way to lower your heating and cooling bills, radiant barrier spray is a great choice.

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